Mom buys her child a toy, then notices the symbol on it. This is what the condensation symbol means.

This mother named Nicole O’Kelly, along with two of her three children, went to the Monster Jam show in Syracuse, when her son had an unexpected question. He asked if there was a chance that he could get his little sister an unforgettable gift. So he chose a cute little scarecrow, a pink monster truck. They returned home very happy. However, Kelly’s happiness turned into pure rage and disgust after she discovered on the toy a symbol that means something very dark and twisted.

Her eldest daughter told her that the double heart symbol printed on the toy is in fact a symbol of pedophiles, showing that the owner was a lover of small children. First she saw this in the episode “Law and Order: SVU” and showed her mother this episode to prove it. Look at the video about how she describes this incident and where her indignation manifests. She sends a message to all parents that it is important for them to know the symbol or safety and protection of their children.

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