Management of symptoms of depression without drugs

Every year, on average, 10% of Americans exhibit symptoms of depression. Depression is a severe disorder, severely impairing health, badly affecting your life. This disorder controls the mind and all its functions. This causes a deep sense of desperation, mood changes, loss of appetite, insomnia, etc.

Symptoms of depression are different and change with time. According to experts, he can inherit or, as a consequence of the life of threatening diseases, suffered from stress from life in stressful situations.

Other causes of depression may also be the use of medication and medication, alcohol or mental illness. Women are more susceptible to this disease because of their often hormonal changes: changes in the menstrual cycle, miscarriage, pregnancy, before and after menopause.

Common symptoms of depression

  • Anxiety, emptiness, serene sorrow;
  • Pessimistic feelings and hopelessness;
  • Extreme insomnia or disturbed sleep;
  • The burden is caused by loss of appetite;
  • Confusion, grumbling and impulsiveness
  • Depth and suicidal tendencies;
  • Constant fatigue, loss of energy, reduced motor function and metabolism;
  • Chronic pain without special reasons, indigestion or headaches;
  • Lack of self-esteem and a sense of extreme guilt and helplessness;
  • Sluggishness and inability to concentrate.

If you have any of the above symptoms of depression, be sure to consult your doctor. With his careful examination, he will help you solve your basic health problems or, if necessary, recommend that you contact a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a hypnotherapist.

  • But best of all, if you can execute the following MUST DO list:
  • Remove negative thoughts from your mind;
  • Reduce in your life such terms as: exhaustion, worthlessness and hopelessness;
  • Set direct goals and change your life;
  • Meditate, walk, enjoy listening to music or other such things that relax you;
  • Start a new activity that will absorb your time and interest;
  • Go out and chat with positive people;
  • Avoid negative people;
  • Make your mind enjoy watching a movie, spend time with your family or other people you value;
  • Be positive and confident;
  • Have a strong faith in yourself. High confidence is a great healer.
  • Decide to change your world for the better.

If after your depression is still increasing and you are developing suicidal tendencies, ask your doctor or a medical institution for help.

In hospitals and clinics there are Community Mental Health Centers with experts who will help you overcome your mental crisis. Symptoms of depression and depression itself is a disease that can be cured.

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