Love without borders: A loving husband spends 2 years to plant thousands of flowers for his blind wife to smell

This is perhaps the most breathtaking thing you’ll see all day.

In an incredibly romantic gesture, an old Japanese man planted a sea of ​​flowers for his beloved wife to develop a smile on her face.

Mr and Mrs. Kuroki lived a happy life as dairy farmers in rural Japan and were married for 60 years. After 30 years of marriage. Mrs. Kuroki suddenly lost her sight after developing complications related to diabetes. They planned to go on a trip around the country after retirement.

No more seeing, Mrs. Kuroki fell into depression and did not even want to leave her at home. Mr. Kuroki tried to find a way to cheer up his wife when he came up with a beautiful idea. He decided to plant a flower garden, where she could enjoy their smell, forcing her to go out into the street. He chose small pink flowers, shibazakura, because of their beautiful smell, as he said that it reminded him that beauty is not always in sight.

Two years later, a private farm attracts people who want to see a true love story around the world.

Most importantly, it brought a smile back to Mrs. Kuroki’s face. Sometimes happy visitors see an elderly couple walking in the garden.

What a beautiful place!

This is definitely a beautiful love story that will remember and tell about the years.

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