Lose your weight without hunger and exercise – Lee only 3 times a day for 5 minutes, but in this way

A famous doctor from Japan, Dr. Fukutsuji, wrote a book explaining the specific technique of losing weight. Readers very well received this book, and Dr. Fukutsuji could sell more than 6 million books only in Asia.

Therefore, according to this experienced doctor, if you want to lose weight, you will not need any advanced instruments, tools or equipment. The only thing you need is a large towel or ribbon and a small flat surface.

It turns out that this method is extremely effective and simple. He did wonders for those who wanted to lose weight and get rid of excess fat from their waist.

  • Place the towel on the floor and fix it in place with the tape.
  • Get down on the floor.
  • Put the towel under your back and form a straight line with the navel. Slowly lie down and make sure that your towel is slightly wider than the width of your back.
  • Straighten the width of the shoulders and tilt them slightly (make sure that the thumbs touch each other).
  • Stretch your arms above your head, place your hands on the ground and make sure that your two small fingers touch.

This procedure is extremely simple, but the situation is not very convenient, even if it is not like it. In case you can not reach the end of your hand, just try to reach it as much as you can, but always keep your thumbs pressed.

Stay in this position for five minutes and follow this procedure three times a day. In the beginning, you will probably feel discomfort or even pain, and if you can not bare the pain, do this exercise as much as you can.

Once you’re done, do not get up on your feet quickly. The best idea is to include both sides and sit for a few minutes before you finally get up. If you do not, you risk muscle tension and similar health problems.

IMPORTANT: Before you really try this method, it’s best to see a doctor, especially if you have problems with the bones or spine.

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