Lose weight fast with this Japanese morning banana diet

(HealthAndLovePage) Did you know that by eating a banana every morning, you can lose up to ten pounds in one week? The most pleasant thing is that this interesting regime does not require any additional effort or any other radical changes in your eating habits. This is one of the main reasons why the morning banana diet is so attractive. This diet regime was first introduced by Hitoshi Watanabe in his book entitled “Morning banana diet”.

It’s really easy after a morning banana diet. The first thing you should do in the morning is to eat bananas and drink water. Of course, you can eat whatever you want, at the rest of the day.

That sounds very easy, does not it?

Watanabe tried many different things to lose weight, and so I decided to write down all my experience and describe all the methods that he used. In addition, he used the experience and knowledge of his wife Sumiko, who works as a pharmacist. Sumiko Watanabe was part of several studies related to preventive medicine.

Using their experience and their knowledge, they created the Morning Banana Diet. This book / diet has become an instant hit among people who are not really interested in physical exercises. People with overweight and obesity are always advised to take part in training and exercises so that they can get rid of calories and fat, but thanks to the creation of Watanabe this tedious and very often boring activity can be avoided. Drinking a glass of water at room temperature and taking a fresh banana in the morning, you can solve all your problems. Keep in mind that this will be the only meal of food and liquids before dinner.

Bananas are rich in stable starch, a substance that contributes to efforts to reduce weight. Starch is of different types and not all of them give the same effect. There are basically two types of starch – stable and digestible. Stable starch differs in that it does not melt in the small intestine, which means that it reaches the colon, where it begins to ferment. This is when bacteria convert stable starch into short chain fatty acids that improve the state of the gastrointestinal tract and nourish the cells.

How many bananas can you eat for breakfast?

It’s good to note that there is no rule on the amount of bananas you can eat for breakfast. Probably the best idea is to eat bananas until you feel full. Avoid overloading the stomach. In Japan, people usually eat 80% of their food to avoid stomach problems.

It is good to drink a glass of water right after you get out of bed to stimulate your metabolism. Wait about 60 minutes and a banana. Wait about 20 minutes, and if you still feel hungry, try another banana. Keep in mind that bananas should be fresh and raw.

In the “Morning Banana Diet” Mr. Watanabe tells in detail about this diet. He suggests avoiding the use of alcohol and milk during this regime. He also advises having a last meal at about 8pm in case you go to bed at midnight. If you stay longer, try changing your sleeping habits, because many studies have confirmed that obesity is associated with staying after midnight.

Feel free to eat anything you want for lunch and dinner, and if you are thirsty for food between these meals, eat fruit.

What distinguishes the morning banana diet from others?

  • It’s great.
  • Bananas are not expensive, so you do not have to spend much to lose weight.
  • Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and fiber, and they can quickly increase energy levels.
  • Morning banana diet can help women get rid of cellulite.
  • Keeps you away from alcohol.
  • Makes you stay away from eating after 8 pm and promotes healthy habits in a dream.
  • Develops a breakfast regime that stimulates metabolism.
  • Keeps you away from the morning coffee, which means the best appetite and regulation of blood glucose.
  • Develops the habit of having a glass of water in the morning to improve metabolism.

Through health and a healthy lifestyle

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