Lady Gaga: Prince Charles “The Reptilian Sampler”

Lady Gaga revealed a shocking detail about Prince Charles, who made many think whether this is possible. According to her, Prince Charles is “not a man”, because she saw him with her own eyes “turning” in a reptile many times.

The world famous pop star said that Prince Charles several times switched between human form and reptiles, right before her eyes, alone, in a recent performance by Royal Variety Performance in London on December 7. During his speech, he changed his relationship between the two Forms again and again, which she thinks was his way of “keeping her in line” and getting her to remain silent on the matter.

Oddly enough, Lady Gaga is not the first to say that the royal family has werewolves in their ranks. During the celebration of Queen’s 90th anniversary this summer, Twitter was flooded by people saying that they saw the Queen shapeshit during the gala event.

According to YNW, Lady Gaga was presented to Prince Charles during the performance of Royal Variety in London on December 7. The press later criticized her behavior, saying that she did not observe the royal etiquette during the meeting.

However, she now discovers the reasons for her strange behavior, saying that she avoided Prince Charles after he changed before her during their introduction.

“Prince Charles was eight feet tall, with flickering yellow eyes and scaly skin of the color of an iguana.”

According to Lady Gaga, the prince instantly appeared between this reptilian state and his human form “two or three times,” introducing himself to her. Moreover, he also changed several times while he watched her performance, during the song A Million Reasons.

His face in the crowd flashed between man and reptiles. I saw his reptilian teeth glitter in the light from across the room.

Why did he prove himself to her? Lady Gaga believes that this was his way of demonstrating his powers and preventing her from getting involved with the dominant reptilian genealogy of the Illuminati, in which he is the high priest.

Lady Gaga’s experience is not unique, many people experience similar things and share their experiences with those who want to listen.

People who have dedicated their lives to researching and exploring the hidden forces that govern our world have witnessed the incredible. All over the world there are people from all walks of life who have witnessed how other people turn to reptiles with their own eyes and are ready to tell their stories to the world.

In one such case, a taxi driver from Denmark says that while driving past a group of VIP guests at a meeting in Bilderberg in 2014 in Copenhagen, he was shocked by what he saw in the cab window. Most of these VIP guests turned into reptiles, and some of their hands and feet acquired a reptilian appearance.

Further, we have accounts of a reputable psychic in Peru, which says that many influential politicians such as Obama, Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau are turning into reptiles whenever she watches an international news channel.

What do you think? Can this be true? Have you witnessed anything like this?

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