Is dental flossing really important?

Some argue that it will damage the tooth enamel, others – that this is the only way to properly brush your teeth. Who can be trusted?

If you thought that with your toothbrush you can clean the entire mouth cavity than you are wrong. The area between the teeth can not be cleaned with a toothbrush, which is why you need a dental floss.

Cleaning the teeth with floss prevents caries, inflammation of the gums and accumulation of tartar. Talking about gum diseases and preventing loss of teeth, the use of dental floss is even more important than a toothbrush. The dental floss removes food debris, dental plaque – a layer of saliva and bacteria, which usually accumulates on all surfaces of the teeth and between the teeth.

In fact, dental plaque is one who, if left for long enough on any surface, causes caries, gum disease, tooth fiber diseases and, eventually, tooth loss. The use of dental floss is the only way to remove plaque between the teeth.

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