Instructions: Make a strong mixture for blood, good digestion and long life!

This is true …

Every day you hear and read how good for human health there are whole grains, is not it? This is all the main food in the food pyramid.

However, many people do not understand what is the matter. Today we offer you a recipe consisting only of whole grains.

The basis of health, good mood, pleasant and appropriate form depends on the form of our functional health. Poor digestion affects our functional health. Good digestion understands the regular degradation of food and the absorption of nutrient components, as well as the ejection of all harmful and unnecessary waste. Accumulated toxins that remain in our body over time, penetrate through the walls of our colon into the bloodstream. The liver makes detoxification of the blood and returns toxins in the large intestine. When they are not discarded, they return to the bloodstream. These toxins can deplete the liver, and this weakens the detoxification and secretion of bile. Therefore, if you still did not know this, the twitching of bowel movements depends on the quality of the bile, which makes it possible to empty the intestines.

In this way, toxins along with the beneficial ingredients that nourish the cells of each human body enter the bloodstream and can cause headache, pain, bad mood, nervousness and swelling.

Statistics show that currently 3 out of 4 people have the wrong chair, and people say little about it.

Here is a recipe for the masses, which can be a solution to eliminate these problems.

Instructions and ingredients for preparing the mixture:

3.5 Oz. (100 g) oat flakes, ground and puree,
3.5 Oz. (100 g) of crushed flax,
3.5 Oz. (100 g) of oat embryos,
3.5 Oz. (100 g) oat bran,
1.7 Oz. (50 g) of crushed sesame (not roasted),
1.7 Oz. (50 g) of ground pumpkin seeds (not fried, a),
1.7 Oz. (50 g) of ground almonds (not roasted),
1.7 Oz. (50 g) of crushed sunflower seeds (not fried) and
1.7 Oz. (50 g) of cinnamon

You can also add wheat germ and bran with bran and buckwheat in case you have one.

All these ingredients can be found in almost all large and well-supplied supermarkets. Even if you can not find some of the listed ingredients, you will not go wrong, because this mixture consists of several very useful components. Also, do not be discouraged if you can not find some of these substances. All components must be prepared and shredded, if necessary.

Cooking method:

The mixture should be well mixed. Every day for breakfast you need to put 2-3 tablespoons of this mixture into a glass of milk. Eat (drink, more precisely, because the mass is liquid and it does not need to be chewed), this mass, as soon as you can, since the herbal fibers are like a sponge in the stomach – it will also absorb the fluid about 5 times. More than its weight and many toxins and other Harmful materials with it. These fibers act as a highly effective cleaning brush and accelerate the work of the intestine.

On this way the intestine will not have time to absorb harmful substances, but on the contrary, it will throw them out. Mass is going to improve the process of digestion and general health.

Unlike the preparation that improves the stool, but only for a short time, this mass has a long-term effect and has a very healthy effect on regular, good digestion, and also on cleansing the entire digestive system. In addition, this mixture has a positive effect on your blood, and thus you will melt the fats accumulated in the blood when you regularly use them. Cereals and seeds, especially oats, are rich in carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium) and vitamins (B complex, vitamin E). In addition to all, oats abound with potassium salts, sugar and starch.

Oats also increases the formation of body heat, strengthens teeth and bones, regulates metabolism, stimulates brain function, increases in children and strengthens muscle mass in adults. Beta-glucan in oats reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and thus reduces the risk of heart disease or a disease associated with blood vessels. It is full of fibers that affect the improvement of digestion, and good digestion is a prerequisite for large blood circulation. On the other hand, good treatment is the foundation of a healthy human system.

However, remember: do not replace or mix this mixture with cereals and products that are on advertising media, such as healthy grains, and that are actually marketed as processed products in colorful boxes on the sinks of all supermarkets. Cereals are useful for the human system, which means that they must be 100% whole grains. Treated cereals sold as commercial products, such as corn flakes, are full of sugars, surface vitamins, various chemicals and flavor enhancers. They just threaten our health, they contain a lot of calories, but not nutritious and useful things.

This is true …

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