Improve your posture and get rid of back pain with this simple exercise

Every person experiences back pain at one or another point. Back pain is the worst, and you may have it because of your poor posture! Read below to find out how to fix this!

There are many reasons for improving your posture. This is very important for the functioning of your body, and poor posture can have some serious side effects. Did you know that you can lie all night long because of the huge back pain that you are experiencing! Back pain can make your whole day pathetic. You need to improve your posture, because this can reduce the risk of back pain, poor circulation and tightness in the chest. The right posture helps digestion and many other processes that occur in the body. Improved posture can provide a clear mental state, improve breathing, hormonal balance and reduce stress!

Correcting your posture can significantly reduce back and shoulder pain. It literally improves your overall health! Going to a chiropractor can be very expensive, and you often find yourself there again for a week or two. However, there is a simple exercise that you can do to fix this pose! It is very simple, effective and does not take much time. Even better, it’s free!

The locust position has been practiced by yoga instructors and muscular therapists for decades. It can effectively correct your bad posture and relieve you of great pain. Exercise is a prone exercise, so make sure you have enough space. Always stretch before training. Ask your doctor / chiropractor / doctor if this exercise is safe for you to do.

Step-by-step instructions:

Step one – lie face down on the stomach, touch the forehead with the floor.

Step two – stretch your legs and spread them across the width. Do not forget to evenly distribute your weight on the tops of your feet.

Step three. Raise the upper body, lifting your head as high as possible.

Step four. When you lift your head, inhale slowly. Raise your hands and fingers when exhaling. Make sure your hands are close to your body, and your palms are pointing down.

Final stage – Using the muscles of the thigh, lift the legs. Your weight should rely on the pelvis, stomach and lower ribs. Do this exercise 5 to 10 times a day. Remain in position for up to 60 seconds. You will strengthen your legs, trunk and back. Strengthening all these muscles can significantly improve your posture, you should notice the results in about a week.

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