If you have a knee pain, you need to try this stretch

It is very important to have healthy knees, however, in 50% of people arthritis is in the knees. You can try this site, which will help you ease the pain in your knees and help you forever protect your knees.

Here’s what you need to do:

Face towel or towel. Fold it in half and sit on a chair or sofa, a place where you can fold your foot. Attach the towel behind the knee until it stops in the joint, and then bend the knee neatly so that your foot is seated on the surface of the chair / couch. Then wrap your arms around your lower leg and pull it gently. In this way, you will create a space inside the knee joint and help you to remove some of the pain. This will help you keep your knees free, healthy and without pain for the rest of your life.

Have you tried it? How it works?

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