Ice from fast food restaurants is more dirty than toilet water, shows research !!!

If you think that the toilet water is bad, you will cringe when you learn that the ice that is served in fast food restaurants is even more polluted! According to one study, ice fed in popular fast food chains, such as McDonald’s and KFC, has a higher level of bacteria than water samples taken from the toilet bowls. “Experts say that this may be due to the fact that they are cleaned more often than ice machines … The result of Burger King suggested that the reason was the infection of a person, probably because the employee did not wash his hands, – says the study.

And, although none of the samples poses an imminent danger to health, the levels of bacteria contained in them classify them as “a risk of hygiene”. The study was conducted in restaurants in the UK, but experts expect the same, if not the worst, result in the US. The problem is not in the water itself – it is in the growth of bacteria in the ice machine and in the absence of hygiene of the staff.

In 2008, a similar study was conducted on lemon wedges in restaurants. It was found that two-thirds of the wedges are contaminated with fecal bacteria and other 25 dangerous microorganisms. Of course, our bodies can protect themselves from most of these types of bacteria, but this does not mean that wedges or ice do not pose a health hazard.

Children, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system are among the most vulnerable groups of people, and the food and drinks that we all eat in fast food restaurants is another health problem that can have even worse consequences for our health than contaminated ice.

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