I miss you…

It may seem simple, unique or original …

But YES, it means so much … and it takes courage to say:

I want to tell you: “I miss you!”!

You can hide from me, but not from my heart;

You can be out of my reach, but not in your mind,

You will always be special for me, even if I can mean nothing to you

To love is not “how do you forget”, but how “you forgive”;

Not as “You listen,” but as “you understand”;

Not that “you see”, but how “you feel”, and

Not as “you let go,” but as “you hold on”.

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I feel something like a small flame in my heart …

This flame lights up, every time I see you

This flame is especially for you, because


So many questions, but there are so few answers,

All I really know is, “I’m GOING TO OVER YOU!”

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