How to Remove Dangerous Mildew and Bad Odors from Your Washing Machine with 2 Ingredients

It’s time to take some action immediately when you notice that your clothes have a strange smell after washing, and there are black spots in the detergent compartment or between the rubber rings. These black spots are a dangerous fungus, and this can be the cause of many diseases.

In conditions of high humidity and high temperature, mold appears, and this makes the bathroom ideal for growing fungal spores.

All you need to get rid of the fungus in your washing machine is: some detergent for cleaning the liquid (preferably containing chlorine); Lemon salt or potassium hydroxoxalate; Gloves and a sponge.


First you need to find the fungus and wipe some of your tissues inside your washing machine to remove the collected dirt.

Then you need to apply a cleaning agent (with a chlorine content) to the entire surface of the rubber ring, distributing it evenly.

Then close the lid and wait a few hours. Then turn on the washing machine in the Rinse program. You need to put the lemon salt in the detergent compartment and turn on your washing machine at maximum temperature.

After that, your washing machine will look like a new one. Always leave the lid of the washing machine open after washing, because it can prevent the spread of bacteria and mold, which will greatly extend the life of your washing machine!

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