How to lose fat thigh: 6 simple exercises that you can do at home!

Loss of fat in the thighs is the most difficult task, because most of us are sitting during the day, so there is stored fat. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of this stubborn fat, and this can be done without going to the gym. You can do these exercises, so let’s get started.

Raise the heart muscle – you can engage in cycling, running, walking and jumping from the rope. You will need strength for the following exercises, so five 40-minute cardio-weekly sessions will help you lose thigh fat.

Rise – work the muscles of the thigh, if you want to lose fat in this area. You can go hiking in the hills or in your city, or raise the slope of the treadmill.

Exercises on how to lose fat in the hip area, which can be done with the convenience of your home:

  • Compression of the pillow – you will need a chair (without wheels) and a pillow. Sit on it, put your feet on the floor and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Put a pillow between your hips and, when you exhale, squeeze the pillow. Hold on for 1 minute. While you squeeze the pillow, breathe normally.
  • A manual push is an exercise for the outer thighs. Sit on a chair, putting your feet on the floor with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Put your palms on the outer surface of your knees, and push your knees outward with your hands. Keep hands and palms still while you press your knees. With hands, press inward so you can prevent your hips from pushing outward. The goal is to push the hips on both sides, using the knees to push out, and the arms to push inward. When you start pushing, hold on for a minute and breathe normally.
  • Squatting – keep your feet shoulder-width apart, lowering your butt down to an extent that your hips are parallel to the ground. If you’re Aare new, do not go low with your ass and do not let your knees stand in front of your feet. Make sure that you form an angle of 90 degrees in your knees, which should be on the same line with the bottom of your legs. When you master the main prism, expand your legs or hold a few dumbbells in your hands for more pressure, or put the ball to exercise on the wall.
  • Lungi – people make mistakes in doing this exercise, and one of them is that they think that attacks are the same as squats, exceeding their knees. Dive back and forth. Keep dumbbells in each hand for more pressure; Lunge forward with one leg and with the opposite knee about an inch above the ground. Return to the starting position and lunge with the other leg.
  • Raise your legs – sit on a chair, leave your feet on the floor and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Place your hands on the sides of the chair and lift and pull one leg out until you exhale. Keep it in the air for 30 seconds, breathing normally. Inhale and lower your leg, repeating it several times for each leg.
  • Sitting bridge – sit on a chair, lower your palms on the sides of the chair and exhale. As long as you do, lift the hips and give the palms (as long as they are located on the chair from the side) and the legs that support your body weight. When the body is in the shape of a bridge, stop lifting and holding in this position for 30 seconds, until you breathe normally.

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