How to feel more internally powerful in three easy steps!

Being a man and only 5 feet 8, I thought I should be tall to feel strong. Nevertheless, the history of mankind shows that any person, man or woman of any height, can be powerful. Napoleon Bonaparte was low and stood high in the eyes of his peers and those he led. He had a certain attitude, because of which people wanted to follow him. He believed in himself.

Today I take lessons from all people who have shown this inner power. Each of us can access it. Some are lighter than others. Depending on the circumstances, it does come out.

Excessive your psychic power:

Although it is wonderful and dandy, that we exude this physical force, it is even more important to deduce the mental one. I have seen many people who were physically impressive, and they lack the mental strength to accept this. On the other hand, I witnessed how people who were small in size rose in thought and took control. As I said, one of these people was Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as the recipient of Medal of Honor Audie Murphy.

It’s not just men, women have grown because of their mental strength.

A historical example is Joan of Arc, and the modern example is the late Margaret Thatcher. Both were controversial during their time periods. Women should not exude power the way they do. Nevertheless, they did it. Sometimes you have to get up and be more afraid of facing criticism when they do it. In the case of Joan of Arc, she lost her life.

Three ways to feel more internally powerful:

Are you ready to gain access and untie internal power? I’ll show you three simple ways to do this …

1. The Circle of Power (or Perfection).

This is the technique of NLP, which is fast, and I taught something to many. Imagine that there is a circle in front of you. Inside this circle you are the one that suits you best. This person is self-confident, strong and shows it everywhere. The circle also emits powerful energy, both trust and strength. Happiness is there. Look at it and make it brighter. See, hear, feel every aspect of this strength and confidence.

Imagine a color that represents the strength and confidence flowing in this circle. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? Expand the energy in this circle so that if you had it inside yourself, you would have the confidence and strength to achieve anything. This includes the ability to confront anyone with whom you meet. Now, step into this circle. Have the energy flowing in you. Take the same attitude of confidence and power. Feel it! Be it! Keep your head high and your arms tight. Legs shoulder width apart, like a superhero! Feel the confidence and energy in every single cell in your body. Even smile when you do it.

2. Physiology of strength (or perfection).

Very similar to Circle of Power above. It’s moving towards the way we carry ourselves. Dr. Amy Cuddy described in TED “The Pose of Power”. This posture can increase your confidence, and also increase testosterone levels. In NLP, we call this the “physiology of perfection.” As you carry yourself, you can change your feelings. Your position is everything when it comes to power and confidence. Do this, spread your legs to the width of your shoulders and put your hands on your hips like a superhero. How are you feeling? Then, hold you high in your hands. Again, how do you feel? Both should increase your sense of confidence.

3. Get fit and build muscle.

A strong body radiates confidence and strength. Whenever I walk, people pay attention to whether I was fat and out of shape. In the business world, people will move faster (with other things being equal) when they are in good shape compared to fat. I understand that this is discrimination, and yet it happens. This happens on a subconscious level. Being fit also increases the level of energy and the ability to carry yourself with confidence and strength.

These three ways are easy to do. Let them go, and you will be on your way to increasing personal power and confidence.


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