HIV and AIDS will be removed from the list of epidemics

The Danish scientist Ole Sogaard, a doctor from the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, confirmed that he is one step closer to finding HIV drugs. Dr. Ole at the International AIDS Conference reported that he and his team managed to activate hidden HIV cells with the help of cancer drugs. Thus, they managed to extract the infected cells into the circulatory system, where they can be neutralized by the immune system itself.

It is well known that HIV hibernates in the so-called lairs in the body, and then awakens and infects patients. The drug used to treat rare forms of lymphoma was sent to 6 HIV-infected patients who received antiretroviral therapy. Using romidepsin, doctors managed to wake up and “kick” HIV in the blood system. Activated HIV in five out of six patients is currently moving in the blood system in huge quantities, the report says.

HIV can be defeated with cancer medicine

Achievement is part of a larger study of the possibilities of combining HIV activation and vaccine to strengthen the immune system in patients. This means that after the withdrawal of HIV from his lair, it can be caught and killed, “said Stephen Dix, professor and chief AIDS researcher at the University of California.

Dr Søgaard also reported that his patients had adverse effects from romidepsin, nausea and fatigue, but there was no immediate danger of affecting their health.

The Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS reported that mortality from this disease is declining globally by more than a third in a decade. At this rate, you can expect AIDS to be removed from the epidemic list by 2030.

Africa remains the most heavily affected continent, with 1.1 million deaths in 2013, 1.5 new infections and 24.7 people living with HIV.

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