Here’s what the shape of your fingers shows about your personality

Apparently, your finger figure can tell a lot about your personality. Determine which finger most closely resembles your own index finger in the image A B C below. Then read on to find out what your finger shape says about your personality.
Finger “A”
Personnel “A” is usually not open, and they will guard their feelings until they feel a connection with someone. You imagine yourself stronger and more controllable than you really are. You do not tolerate lies or hypocrisy, because first of all you value honesty. You can be eccentric and arrogant. You have a big heart and always carry out the task.

Finger “B”
You are faithful and true, and when you fall in love, you are all inside. You are very sensitive, even if you do not always show it. You are afraid of getting hurt, but again you rarely let it show. You are extremely devoted and will always see something to the end.

Finger “C”
People with fingers like C are very special, because they are extremely sensitive, they can use other people’s emotions and understand what they need. People like to be near you, and you are often the one with whom people face their problems because of your compassion. Sometimes people will use your opportunities for this, but you will not tolerate insincerity.

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