Grape seed extract is more effective than chemotherapy in cancer cells of murder!

We all know that when cancer is at a more advanced stage, traditional chemotherapy becomes less effective. But, fortunately, a recent study found something amazing. The researchers found that grape seed extract is more effective than conventional chemotherapy treatment, killing advanced cancer cells. Well, this means that when the cancer is more developed, grape seed extract is much more effective at destroying cancer cells. And they also discovered that the grape seed is additionally aimed at cancer cells that are very resistant to traditional chemotherapy treatment and at the same time (best of all about this research and extraction from grape bones is that) is not so Disrupts healthy human cells .

This is really an amazing discovery – they found that grape seed extract is much more effective in treating and destroying cancer cells at an advanced stage, compared to traditional chemotherapy. The good thing about this grape seed extract is that a cancer patient needs only a small amount to destroy these cells. Another good thing about this grape seed extract is that the extract also works with cancer cells that usually become resistant to drugs and medicines, which makes conventional chemotherapy useless.

Medical experts in this study conducted their experiments on the lines of colorectal carcinoma, which represent all the phases of this terrible disease. Medical experts say that it usually takes a lot of chemotherapeutic procedures to kill cancer cells at the 4th stage, as compared to the second stage. But, the effects were actually the opposite with grape seed extract.

Molly Derry, a Ph.D. candidate in the laboratories of the University of Colorado, said:

“You all need to know that you just need 50% concentration of this grape seed extract to prevent and stop the growth of cancer cells and you can kill 50% of the cancer cells in stage IV – than necessary to get the same results On II Stage. You should be aware that a single cancer cell of colon cancer can have more than 11,000 genetic mutations – which are differences compared to DNA in healthy cells. So, what actually happens? Well, the usual chemotherapy treatment can be aimed at a certain mutation. But, when the cancer develops, more and more mutations usually arise. These mutations can make cancer cells resistant to traditional chemotherapeutic treatment. But, medical experts have found that many bioactive bonds in the grape seed extract can target more mutations. The more cancer mutations, the more effective the extract. ”

You should know that this study was conducted by a group of researchers at the Cancer Center of the University of Colorado and was published in the journal Cancer Letters. Grape seed extract effectively destroys cancer cells at later stages, without destroying healthy cells. Medical experts believe that grape seed extract causes oxidative stress, which can lead to programmed cell death, also known as apoptosis.

Molly Derry also mentioned:

“Well, we know that bioactive compounds from grape seed extract can be extremely useful and effective against many different types of cancer cells. This study shows that many mutations that are the actual cause of colon cancer create metastases and the survival of traditional treatments, making them particularly vulnerable to the treatment of grape seed extract. ”

This study showed that the active ingredient, resveratrol, which can be found in grape seeds and skin, has many different positive effects on the human body.

This powerful connection is also very useful for:

  • Inhibit cell proliferation of pancreatic cancer
  • It has a protective effect against several types of viruses, but the actual cause of this is still unknown. You should also know that it is extremely effective in the treatment of herpes simplex infection 1, shingles, human cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, enterovirus type 71 (it can also cause paralysis, including the heart)
  • Prevents and stops the growth of cancer cells in colon cancer
  • It is very useful in the treatment of fungal infections
  • Protects against Alzheimer’s disease
  • It has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system

Many believe that conventional chemotherapeutic and other anti-cancer treatments for modern medicine are more effective and effective. But, it’s not. Conventional chemotherapeutic procedures also destroy healthy human cells. We can all make our own choices when it comes to our health. There are many different studies that have confirmed the positive effect of many plants, herbs, vegetables, etc. D. Against cancer. As you can see, this powerful grape seed extract can be very useful against cancer, and it is much more effective than conventional chemotherapeutic treatment when it comes to the destruction of advanced cancer cells. That’s why you should consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially grapes. We hope that you will find this article useful and do not forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank you.

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