Get rid of toxic sunscreens and use coconut oil instead

(HealthAndLovePage) Summer is finally here, and you are all getting ready to visit some beach or pool. You all know that the sun radiates ultraviolet rays, which can be extremely harmful to health, and therefore most of you use sunscreen.

However, you do not know that these products contain many toxins. A natural alternative to toxic sunscreens is virgin coconut oil.

This may be a surprise for some people, but the same coconut oil that we keep on our kitchen countertops will provide excellent protection for your skin without the negative effects of toxins present in conventional sunscreens. In fact, coconut oil has been used for this purpose for hundreds of years by people who leave on the islands of the Pacific.

So, the real question is: why pay more for products that come with side effects when you can use perfectly natural coconut oil?

There are basically two different types of ultraviolet (UV) rays created by the sun – UVB and UVA. UVA rays are those that cause most of the damage to the skin when people are exposed to the sun, which ultimately can lead to skin aging and skin cancer. It’s good to note that UVB can also contribute to skin damage and sunburn, but these rays are beneficial to the body because they produce vitamin D through the skin. This vitamin is crucial for protection against cancer.

There are many ways in which you can increase the level of vitamin D in your system, but sunlight is the most effective. This means that a full block of UVB rays can actually increase the chance of developing cancer. In addition, sunscreens found in stores lead to cancer due to their carcinogenic ingredients.

Stay away from toxic sunscreens

The Environmental Working Group or the EWG announced that about 3/4 of today’s sunscreens include some chemicals related to cancer and hormonal imbalances. Sunscreens that we found on the shelves in our stores usually contain:

  • Oxybenzone, a substance that destroys hormones, which leads to cell damage and cancer.
  • Retinyl palmitate, a well-known substance associated with cancer.
  • Microparticles of titanium and zinc can be found in transparent sunscreen lotions.

These and many other chemicals that we use on the skin, go directly into the bloodstream and can cause negative consequences, like toxins consumed through the mouth.

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