For this, you should never keep eggs in the refrigerator. Your health is at stake

You probably know that some people store eggs in the fridge, ignoring the danger to their health and the health of their family, but you probably did not know that storing eggs in cold areas helps bacteria contaminate the shell to stay alive . These bacteria include salmonella, which is very harmful to our health.

According to several studies, eggs stored at room temperature contained a lower percentage of bacteria than those stored in the refrigerator. This is due to the fact that eggs become infected when the chicken lays, and when they lead to the refrigerator, the bacteria are stored.

Salmonella tends to multiply rapidly when it in cold places pollutes everything in the refrigerator.

In some European countries it is forbidden to store eggs in the refrigerator. There are even fines for those who are keeping eggs in cold places. In the US, people can store eggs in any way they like, but they are not recommended to store them in cold rooms.

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