For many years she thought that it was just a mole. Then her doctor tells her that this is not so. What does she pull out? Oh my God!

Old age usually brings a lot of unwanted changes on your body. This sometimes leads to the fact that your nose, ears and legs become huge. Although rare, this age-related expansion of certain parts of the body can also affect other, less likely things on your body … for example, on your acne.

This is what happened to the 85-year-old man who had acne on his upper back. When she went to the dermatologist to extract it, it seemed that he was installed there for 85 years. In fact, acne has grown enormously. It was a dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee, also known as “Dr. Pimple Popper,” who had this giant acne removed, and actually put her specialty on trial, dealing with this case.

She stated that the acne was so deeply rooted that it must have been growing for years.

Although the eels were huge, the removal procedure went well, and she was able to pull it out with little effort. The old woman, who had undergone the procedure, refused to see the thing extracted from her back. For many years, she mistakenly believed that it was just a mole.

This is what Dr. Sandra Lee had to say about future visits that a woman will have to pay:

“We plan to see her again in the near future, and if she does not like the exterior or if it fills up again, we can remove the enlarged pore and apply a couple of stitches so that it replaces the” hole “” With a thin line scars. ”

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