Five lost inventions of Nikola Tesla, threatening the global elite

The great inventors of our world with their revolutionary projects have changed society in a way that we can not imagine. But, on the other hand, there were those who belonged to the rich and powerful elite, fought against these revolutionary technologies and sought to preserve this status quo, so that they could stay on top of the pyramid. Fate did not differ from some of the inventions of Nikola Tesla.

Recently, the FBI published classified documents containing rejected and specially forgotten Tesla projects. These inventions could change the world, as we know for sure.

Death ray

In 1930, Tesla developed the so-called Death ray, a device that he originally called Teleforce. The device is able to radiate a huge amount of energy, “which could be used to destroy enemy combat aircraft, foreign armies or anything else that you probably did not exist.”

The device was never built, because it was believed that it could be used to destroy entire countries. Tesla claimed that his invention could destroy the target from 200 miles and create an energy barrier around entire countries that could serve as a defense against enemy fire.

Tesla Generator

In 1898, Tesla claimed to have created a small oscillator that, when attached to an object, could cause an earthquake effect. Reflecting on the catastrophic consequences of this device, Tesla himself destroyed his car. Some conspiracy theorists claim that this is not true and that the US government is using this machine even now.

Free electrical system

In 1901, Tesla designed and built the Wardenclyffe Tower, a giant wireless transmitter that will provide wireless data transmission around the world.

Initially, Tesla wanted to transmit text messages, images and telephone signals, but later this project turned into the idea of ​​free electricity for everyone on the globe. The project, most likely, became too dangerous for the ruling elite, because this would change the energy industry from the ground. Its funding was terminated, and the project was abandoned in 1906.

Flying saucer

In 1911, Tesla revealed in an interview with The New York Herald that he was working on an aircraft that violated the rules of gravity. “My car will not have wings and propellers. When you see this, you do not even think it’s an airplane. But it will fly at an invisible speed and will be extremely safe. He will also be able to levitate for a long time, even if the wind is strong, “Tesla said. This invention had the same fate as the project of its free energy.

Improved Airships

Tesla claimed that electric aircraft could transport passengers from New York to London in 3 hours, traveling 13 km above the surface. He also claimed that these boats would deplete energy from the atmosphere and would never need fueling. Aircraft will be airplanes and will be used for transport to a specific destination or for air strikes. Many believe that today’s drones are based on this technology.

Many people around the world believed that as soon as Tesla died, the FBI entered his house and confiscated all his work, his inventions and his scientific work. Until now, these were just rumors and conjectures, but recently the FBI released several heavily edited files in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, which supports this theory.

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