Ever wondered Why Do We Cross Fingers For Good Luck?

Many people use the gesture of crossing fingers to wish good luck, while small children use it to justify their report of a lie. There are many theories about the origin of this gesture. Let’s see what the real reason for this is.

It is believed that the crossing of the fingers is a reference to the Christian religion, which was used to wish good luck. In Roman times, Christians were prosecuted from the Roman Empire, and during this time this gesture became a secret way to show faith and recognize comrades. It was a work of two people. They crossed their fingers with the fingers of another person to show their faith and trust to each other.

Modern way of crossing fingers

Now people are crossing their fingers alone to wish them luck and seek God’s support. The main reason for this in the Western world is to bring luck or show solidarity and support to other people. People used the sign “cross finger” to reflect sickness and evil. Usually, soldiers cross their fingers during bloody battles, where they need a little luck to serve God. Children also use this gesture to justify their lies, or people use it when they promise to make it null and void.

Do you believe in this gesture?

Source: wittyfeed.com

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