Electronic cigarettes contain 10 times more carcinogens than tobacco

Recent research shows that high levels of cancer-causing toxins are present in some brands of electronic cigarettes. Japanese health experts have discovered a large number of chemicals, including acetaldehyde and formaldehyde (commonly used in heavy industry) in vapors derived from several different electronic cigarettes (in the liquid used).

These results will certainly affect the opinion of many people who believe that an electronic cigarette is an absolutely safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes – 10 times more carcinogens than cigarettes with tobacco

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular all over the world. They usually look like ordinary cigarettes, but instead of using tobacco, they use a heated liquid that often contains nicotine. This liquid turns into steam, which is inhaled.

Until now, they were considered safe, but this latest study confirms that some brands of electronic cigarettes contain more chemicals than conventional cigarettes.

Acetaldehyde is one of the chemicals present in some electronic cigars. This chemical is used in industrial plants to create acids and other chemicals. The levels found in some electronic cigarettes are higher than in tobacco.

Formaldehyde is a substance present in building materials and embalming fluids, and just like acetaldehyde, the presence of this substance in some brands of electronic cigarettes was significantly higher than the presence in traditional cigarettes.

According to Dr. Naoki Kunugit (National Institute of Public Health, Japan), one brand of electronic cigarettes, which he did not want to name, contained more than ten times more carcinogens contained in a single cigarette.

Apparently, the heating process causes and stimulates the release of even more dangerous substances. Electronic cigarettes in Japan can be bought freely, and any law does not regulate them. However, electronic cigarettes containing nicotine are regulated by Japanese pharmaceutical laws. People can freely buy these products on the Internet.

This study is in line with the latest decision taken by the World Health Organization. WHO banned the sale of these cigarettes to minors. WHO officials said they have enough evidence that electronic cigarettes can cause health problems, especially in certain categories of people, such as pregnant women, children and adolescents.

Of course, manufacturers and fans of electronic cigarettes still claim that they are safe to use and that they do not come with the dangers that a normal cigarette brings. According to them, smoking tobacco has been the cause of many cases of heart disease, cancer, strokes and that there are no records of electronic cigarettes causing it. However, those who oppose e-cigarettes say that they are relatively new in the market, which means that it is impossible to analyze the long-term consequences of smoking electronic cigarettes. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization proposed a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes indoors.

It is interesting to note that Oxford dictionaries chose the word “vape” (commonly used for smoking an electronic cigarette) to be the word of the year.

* It is nice to note that although a study by Japanese scientists confirmed that electronic cigarettes contain 10 times more carcinogens than traditional cigarettes, this study only applies to certain electronic cigarettes. Not all of them contain so many toxins. In fact, some of them do not contain the chemicals mentioned earlier in the Daily Mail.

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