Ear hair – the first warning sign of the most dangerous disease in the 21st century

Recent studies show that the sudden appearance of hair in the ears can be associated with heart disease.

The root of this study dates back to 1973, when Dr. Frank Sanders published his study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Frank and his team found an auric fold, which indicates a coronary artery disease.

In his honor this indication is called “the sign of Frank.” This happens when there is an overload of the arteries.

In 1984, another study was conducted. This time 43 men and 20 women took part in them. All of them had ears and hair, everyone had a heart attack.

Richard Wagner, who headed the case, argued that prolonged exposure to androgen-induced clots in the arteries as a result of excess production of red blood cells.

Moreover, another test showed the relationship between the rims on the ear cups and coronary diseases.

In this experiment, more than 215 patients were selected. Conclusion: the disease progresses with age.

In all experiments, the scientist discovers a significant difference between men who have hair in their ears, and those who do not have them.

After analyzing more than 500 autopsies, it turned out that most patients had problems with the spleen, obesity, baldness, hair in the ears, ears, etc.

Frank’s badge or auricle is often associated with heart disease. This applies to both men and women, although a higher percentage of sudden deaths are associated with men.

Many experts in this field claim that testosterone supplements, which men usually use as one of the main culprits for coronary disease.

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