During pregnancy, avoid cheese, eggs, caffeine

Women in the second stage should pay special attention to food, because some food can harm them and the child. It is necessary to avoid foods that cause bloating, nausea. Experts have compiled a list of foods that pregnant women should avoid.


Boiled eggs in some cakes, pregnant women should not eat. Eggs, in fact, can contain bacteria that cause salmonellosis, which is manifested by vomiting and diarrhea, which can also affect the fetus. During pregnancy, the eggs must be well treated thermally. Even when cooking food with eggs, wash your hands, because dangerous bacteria can be found on the sink.


Problems can arise after taking unpasteurized products, for example soft cheeses. Unpasteurized products may contain bacteria that can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. With pasteurized products, these bacteria are destroyed.


With coffee, tea and carbonated drinks that contain caffeine, one should not exaggerate during pregnancy. In small amounts, this natural alkaloid is not harmful, but in the process of pregnancy the body is not able to process large quantities, so staying in blood vessels lasts longer. It is believed that to remove caffeine during pregnancy, it takes 18 hours. Although the fetus is not directly dangerous, caffeine through the placenta reaches the fetus and increases the heart rate. Therefore it is recommended to pregnant women during the day, do not drink more than two cups of coffee.


There is no amount of alcohol that is allowed when a woman is in the second stage. The reason is that through the placenta, alcohol enters the tissues and organs of the child. In addition, alcohol adversely affects the development of the fetus throughout pregnancy. And if pregnant women often drink alcohol, the risk of miscarriage, congenital malformations, problems of mental development increases.


Pregnant women should not eat enough fried meat, because it can contain microscopic toxoplasmosis of parasites. Although the disease caused by this parasite is not dangerous to humans, pregnancy can have very serious negative consequences. When the infection through the placenta reaches the fetus, causing serious damage to the nervous system, as well as in severe cases and death in the womb or at birth.

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