Drain your stomach, lose weight and clean your colon! All that with this amazing 3in1 Papaya & amp; Oat Smoothie

This 100% natural cocktail will help you cleanse the digestive system.

In addition to this, this cymbal cocktail also contains other very nutritious ingredients.

It is considered one of the most refreshing and delicious drinks, it will help you to evacuate more often and fight fatigue.

Both papaya and oats are two very affordable alimony that provide the body with many useful nutrients.

Papaya, also known as tree melon, a fruit of a bomb and papaya, contains a large amount of sugar, fiber and beta-carotene.

On the other hand, oats have a component known as beta-glucan, which helps lower blood cholesterol levels, and also has a lot of fiber.

Recent studies have shown that fiber intake helps reduce the risk of heart disease.


½ cup of cellular organic gluten-free oats.
¾ cup papaya, cut into square pieces.
½ cup homemade almond milk.
¼ tablespoons cinnamon


Put papaya and oats with cinnamon and almond milk in a blender and mix them for 15 seconds until they are well mixed, and then serve them chilled in a glass with added ice.

This cocktail will reduce your anxiety and help you lose weight. It also works as a natural laxative and helps you maintain intestinal purity due to the fact that it regulates the work of the intestine, in addition to blowing the stomach.

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