Doctors warn: do not wear slippers for THIS Dangerous reason!

Even if they are very comfortable to wear, slippers can be dangerous to your health. Experts say that this is the most dangerous shoes. This is because flip flops put unnatural stress on your legs, allowing the foot to be as flat as possible.

Jim Cristina, director of science for the American Medical Association of Medical Professionals, says that if you have a foot that tends to be over-smoothed, then there is no support at all.

Wearing triggers can lead to many conditions, such as Über-painful plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the tissue at the base of the foot. These shoes, if a floppy disk and toes are to be made very rigidly to keep them on their feet, leading to situations such as hammertoe (the feet of the brass knuckles are curled up unnaturally).

These risks come from wearing slippers only. We did not even mention what happens to your spot. As soon as you stumble, the slippers will not provide any assistance, there will be no protection for the ankle, there is no cover from the sharp stones, and they will drag you into the fall. Nevertheless, you are dealing with the consequences yourself.

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