Doctors beg parents to stop allowing their children to eat hot chitos

As you know, Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos are sold as “dangerously cheesy”. This is too accurate, since they are really dangerous!

Quite a few physicians actually urge parents not to let their children ingest these dangerous snacks. Overeating these can land you staying in the hospital, and many unnecessary side effects. Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos are prepared with the right amount of salt, sugar and saturated fats so that you are addicted to Dr. Kathleen Berchelman at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

The food of the whole bag of Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos is really bad because of all the red hot spices you swallow. This can damage your stomach. These spices can stick to your gastrointestinal tract and cause pain in the upper abdomen, which rises to the chest. If the patient has a history of heartburn or acid reflux, then these spices create an even more negative response.

These Cheetos can even force the chair of some people, including children, to move from normal color to red. It’s because of the red paint. Many parents suggest that the redness that they find in the stool is blood, but it’s not. It takes more than just a “small amount” to change the color of your stool. Changing the color of the stool means that you definitely swallowed more dye than you should have.

Overeating any processed food is not the best thing. These Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos are no exception. Please limit the consumption of these foods to make them healthier. Your body will be much better if you do not eat a whole bag of Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos.

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