Dad put the child to adopt. 24 years later, he learns that they were in the same room for several months

A guy named Will Russell was a kid when he got a girl. Due to the fact that he faced alcohol dependence, he could not provide the child with the help he needed, so he was transferred to adoption after the birth of the child.

A year later, he was dragged into the mission of saving Phoenix. It is an organization that provides “Christ-centered and life-changing solutions for those who face hunger and homelessness.” He was a volunteer there, and then moved to full time.

Amy worked very hard to track her biological family by July 2013. She was connected to her by one of the nine siblings through social networks, and eventually she received Will’s phone number. Despite the fact that she very much wanted to call his father, she gathered strength. Will got it with an open heart and told her that everything would be all right.

The next morning they met for breakfast. He told her his story about the alcohol struggle and how his life passed a downward spiral when he was 20 years old. His last drink was in 2004, and then he became a pastor. He helped other people cope with addiction. They had a long and informative conversation.

He had to leave when he went on a mission to rescue Phoenix. Amy was stunned. The reason will certainly leave you without a word.

Watch the video.

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