Coconut oil and hemp capsule: a medical miracle

The use of cannabis for treatment has been centuries. It is not surprising that now it can be used to treat a large number of diseases.

Of course, if it is good for use, the government does not want us to do this in 1937, they were outlawed both for recreational use and for therapeutic use. Now, as I’m sure, you know that marijuana (cannabis) is a schedule of one substance under the influence of controlled substances of 1970. This classification allows marijuana to be placed in one field with heroin!

Yes, that’s right, the federal classification puts cannabis in the same pool as heroin, and states that cannabis has “a high potential for abuse … there is currently no acceptable medical use … and a lack of accepted safety when using the drug. .. under the supervision of a doctor. ”

And pharmaceutical methamphetamine (one of the most harmful and life-changing drugs out there) can be prescribed by a doctor and taken under medical supervision! How is this insanity?

Methamphetamine is considered a schedule of two drugs! Nevertheless, somehow marijuana is the schedule one. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of information on the Internet about how cannabis and cannabinoids can be very positive for health, as in the last few years there has been a boom in medicine. There are more than twenty-two thousand studies and surveys of how useful cannabis may be for us, but for some reason the government still does not want us to use it.

There are tons of supporters of using medical marijuana in the field itself. It seems that more and more people realize how good this is, and more and more accept it every day. Although at this level and at the federal level there will always be disagreements, it seems that the evening itself is settled.

One of the biggest things that talk about the medical use of cannabis is that it can cure cancer. I read countless testimonies of this and believed them fully. Cannabis was very effective in helping people cope with their pain from chemotherapy and side effects from their chemotherapy.

There is a capsule of cannabis, filled with coconut oil, which literally works wonders. A man named Stan Ratner, who could not get out of the oxygen can, until he started this capsule. This capsule allowed him to become strong enough to overcome his illness. After only a few months, Stan was cancer. Watch the video below to learn more about cannabis and how it can help you or your loved one with cancer. Do not wait until it’s too late.

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