CHECK YOUR BROWN NOW A lady is what scientists have found!

As you know, October 13 is “National day without a bra”, which was created to raise awareness about breast cancer and money for further study of this issue. While some women can not imagine their lives without a bra, others avoid it as much as possible. Recently there was a shocking discovery, which, of course, will make you think twice before putting on a bra again.

Bras under fire

According to a recent study, wearing bras adversely affects your health and does not offer any benefits. The author of the study, Jean-Denis Ruyon, conducted a 15-year study of the influence of bras in women between the ages of 18 and 35. The results showed that wearing a brassiere does not affect the breasts of young women. In addition, it has the opposite effect. Ruillon also found that women who did not wear a bra during the study had a 7-millimeter lifting in their nipples, while those who wore the bra experienced a reduction in blood flow and a decrease in the tone of the breast over time.

Burn or not burn your bras?

Another medical expert who did not participate in the study, said that not wearing a bra stimulates the production of collagen and increases the elasticity of the skin. However, scientists argue that this should be taken lightly, since a small number of participants (330 women) are included in the study.

Therefore, we must wait for further research before deciding whether to burn the bras.

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