CAUTION: the child loses 75% of the view due to this general, small toy in each house

Optometrists and health care workers in Australia warn parents around the world about the potential side effects of using laser pointers as toys. This is a warning to all parents – laser pointers are not toys! They can be dangerous. A 14-year-old elderly man from Tasmania lost 75% of his vision after in his eye during the radiance of a laser pointer he played. The 14-year-old boy started serious eye problems, so his parents took him to the family doctor.

The doctor felt a serious problem with the eyes and called on the optometrist Ben Armitage to investigate the problems with the boy’s vision. Armitage said that the boy came to see him on Friday evening after his eyes were exposed to the laser for only a short time. He took photographs of the boy’s eyes and found that he burned his retina and damaged his eyes for a long time.

Armitage said that the affected area of ​​the eye is the place where detailed central vision occurs, and as a result the degree of damage to his pupil has increased. The boy’s vision is now only 25% of what is considered 20/20 vision. A laser pointer removed 75% of his sight. “The boy managed to burn the retina in the back of the eye near the area called the macular,” he said.

Armitage also mentioned that the effects on vision loss were exaggerated, as the macular is an area for a large detailed view. Well, the boy did not feel pain after the laser was pointed at his eyes, but his vision was affected right after. His eyes burned in the macula. This means that his blindness is likely to be permanent.

Armitage said he is optimistic that some of the boy’s visions will return after swelling, but most likely he will be partially blind for the rest of his life. He also explained that the damage done to the boy’s eyes can not be corrected with the help of glasses. The field of vision that was affected was the central vision – this means that it allows you to focus directly, allowing you to read, ride and see details dramatically. And the worst thing is that no operation, glasses or anything else can restore the central vision of this boy.

When Christmas is approaching, Optometry Tasmania CEO Jeff Squibb issued a warning warning parents not to buy laser pointers for their children. Remember: laser pointers are not toys! So do not let your children play with them, because they can be really dangerous. Thank you for reading and do not forget to share with friends and family.

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