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Evidence that baking soda can kill cancer – doctors are threatened with losing a license if they encourage their patients to use it

If you want to alkalize your body, you will need to consume foods that have an alkaline effect on the system. Most processed foods, such as white sugar and flour products, have an acid-forming effect on your system. If you consume these foods for a longer period of time, then you will recycle some of[…]

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Breaking research: this green plant can be Treatment of 5 different types of cancer, including ovaries, liver, lungs and melanoma

Thanks to his numerous virtues, Moring’s tree, around people, is recognized as a “tree of miracles”. Its merits are well known in India, parts of Africa, the Philippines and many other countries, but are still relatively unknown in the US. The largest harvest of Moring’s tree is in India, it is its native land, but[…]

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