I always threw the watermelon peel off, until my husband told me something that very few people know about them!

No doubt, when we talk about watermelons, the first thing we think is that they are tasty, juicy and refreshing fruits, not forgetting that they are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals that help keep our body healthy. However, what few people know is that the watermelon peels contain many properties that can bring numerous[…]

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Pay attention, it’s relatively unknown: every 10 years a woman suffers from this insidious illness, and she does not even know about it!

Be careful! This disease is easily confused with menstrual pain due to severe pain in the stomach and back. In most cases, this is benign – a chronic disease of the uterine mucosa from the uterine cavity. Symptoms include severe pain in the abdomen and in the back during the menstrual cycle. The pain can[…]

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