alternative health

6 grams of this herb day can cure 5 different types of cancer

The diagnosis of cancer is extremely tense and unpleasant, since this disease is most often life-threatening, while its treatment further destroys health. Because of the numerous sharp side effects of these treatments, many cancer patients prefer to alternatively treat this problem. Alternative medicines do not cause the same negative side effects, although they often help[…]

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Heal yourself of constipation, gas and bloating by pressing this point for 1 minute

Bloating, gas and constipation are very uncomfortable and not always easy to remove. Ancient Chinese medicine told us otherwise, because there is an instant decision. It only takes a minute to complete, and it’s very simple! We are talking about acupressure. This is a magic word to defeat a terrible swelling, gas and constipation. Acupressure[…]

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