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People do not know this, but take a look at what can make a mature banana for the heart and brain, when you eat it more than twice a day!

Banana is a tropical fruit rich in numerous nutrients, including sucrose, fructose, glucose and fiber. Therefore, the banana acts as a powerful reinforcement of natural energy. One study claims that two bananas can provide you with enough energy for an exercise that lasts 90 minutes. That’s why a banana is a favorite fruit for a[…]

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This is something that gynecologists will never tell you! This ingredient disappears forever Mushrooms and bacteria

Experts say that all women in some cases or typically struggle with vaginal infection throughout our life. There are measures to prevent these infections, but on special holidays they occur in exactly the same way. As a woman, we understand how important it is to keep our intimate environment healthy and tidy. That’s why we[…]

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