Cancer cells die in just 42 days: this juice of the famous Australian has cured more than 45,000 people from cancer!

Have you ever heard of Rudolf Brois? He is an Australian man who has dedicated his entire life to finding a natural cancer treatment!

Rudolph invented juice, which showed a great positive result, helping people who have been and are dealing with cancer and several other “incurable” diseases.

According to Rudolph, you need to follow a strict diet, which lasts 42 days. During these 42 days, human health will be dramatically increased. He developed a strict regime consisting of drinking tea and special juice with beets as the main ingredient.

In order to prepare his special juice, you will need all organic vegetables.

Beet Root Potatoes Light Root Cabbage

Put all these things into your blender, remember that half the smoothie should be beet, then the carrots, and the little pieces of the rest. Drink as much as you feel your body needs this mixture, but more importantly. All these vegetables are important, because they are overfilled with antioxidants, vitamins and detox-repeats. Why not try?

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