Canadian journalist: “I returned from Syria. The media is lying to you! “

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian activist / freelance journalist. Eve lived in Gaza for a total of ~ 3 years, spent time in Lebanon and visited Syria three times since April 2014. Anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist, pro-justice.

You can find out more about Eva’s trips to Syria on Eva’s websites:



About Richie Allen’s show:

The most audited (verified) independent broadcast in Europe. Fab Radio 2 and to show you the show The Richie Allen Show, which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm GMT

The exhibition demonstrates to the smallest analysis of news by researchers, journalists and scientists ignored by corporate media, as well as by activists from around the world who every day make a difference in their communities. People are tired of hearing about problems, they want to hear about positive solutions.

That’s why the show, challenging the main version of media events, is largely focused on men and women who are trying to trigger a seismic shift in the current paradigm. The skype line on the show will be open for listeners to call and say their word. There will be no censorship.

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