Archaeological sensation: mummified legs found in Egypt, owned by the legendary Queen Nefertari

According to archaeologists who discovered mummified legs in a tomb in the famous Egyptian royal valley, they belonged to one of the most famous queens of ancient Egypt – Nefertari.

It is believed that the Queen, who is widely known for her exceptional beauty, died around 1250 BC. During the excavations, a number of items, including mummified legs, were discovered and taken to the Museum of Egizio in Turin, Italy.

Scientists have long believed that the detected legs belonged to Nefertari, but until now this could not be confirmed.

The study, which confirmed this theory, was published in the journal PlosOne. According to the Egyptologist Joanna Fletcher, who works at the University of York and participated in the study, the doubts of scientists with respect to the mummified legs were justified because of “the consequences of very rare but dramatic sudden floods, when all sorts of materials can be washed in tombs – Although things are in the grave, this does not necessarily mean that the human remains that you find belong to the person depicted there and on the walls of the tomb. ”

The Valley of Queens is an area in Egypt, not far from Thebes, where the wives of the pharaohs are buried, as well as their children and other members of the royal family.

Through a series of tests, scientists were able to determine that the legs belonged to a 40-year-old woman, and the sandals found next to her legs were decorated with precious stones and matched to the size of the mummified legs.

Queen Nefertari died when she was about 40.

Fletcher also adds that the marauders not only looted and damaged the tomb, but also damaged the mummy that separates the legs from the rest of the body, trying to escape from the guards guarding this site.

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