Alkaline water kills cancer: that’s how to prepare it

The normal hydrogen index or potential hydrogen is from 0 to 14, while 7 is considered to be a neutral medium. When a certain substance has a lower pH than 7, it is considered to be acidic, while at a pH above 7 the substance is considered to be alkaline. When the body is too acidic, there may be problems with digestion, fatigue and weight gain. However, these symptoms can be prevented with a regular intake of clean water and fresh vegetables that will restore balance in the body. Tap water should be avoided because it contains hormones, antibiotics, chlorine, etc., that enter the body, weaken the immune system and cause illness.

According to Dr. Otto Warburg, 95% of all cancers are acidic due to the acid state of the body. But cancer cells can not develop in an alkaline environment. Excessive acidity can also cause many other health problems, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, etc. The following is a recipe for detoxifying alkaline water with a lemon that is easy to prepare and the ingredients are very simple:


¼ ginger root

Half a cucumber

Half a cup of mint leaves

Preparation: first clean the ginger, and then cut all the ingredients into pieces and add them to the water.

Usage: Consume water after waking up.

You must replace the ingredients with new ones every three days, otherwise just replace the water.

Why a lemon?

Lemon has the ability to balance the pH of the body, and although its taste is acidic, it is inherently alkaline. Lemon is a great disinfectant and has antibacterial properties, as well as 22 anti-cancer drugs.

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