After 13000 years on the Earth’s orbit radio signals – (BLACK KNIGHT)

Some of you may be familiar with the “Black Knight” companion, and some of them are not; However, all the facts related to it will be presented in the article below.

“Black Knight” is much more than just a city legend. This is an artificial satellite, which can be seen on the official website of NASA. It is often classified as space junk, but its origins remain a mystery to astronomers to date.

For the first time in the world, they learned about the “Black Knight” in 1954, three years before Russia launched its first satellite, Sputnik 1.

On Friday, May 14, 1954, a number of newspapers reported the resignation of Major of the Marine Corps Donald E. Keichow, who stated that one or two artificial satellites were in orbit around the Earth. The major also said that US government scientists in White Sands, New Mexico, are making efforts to find them and determine their origins.

The images below show the coverage of this story by two national newspapers – the St. Louis Dispatch and the San Francisco Reviner.

The story did not end here, because on August 23, 1954, Aviation Week also reported two satellites orbiting the Earth at a distance of 400 and 600 miles. Although the magazine reported on natural satellites, in the future it turned out to be almost impossible. Subsequently, such natural satellites were not required.

According to Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, an expert on extraterrestrial organisms from the University of New Mexico and the management of the identification project, one of the satellites is in orbit about 400 miles and the other 600 miles from Earth. By all accounts, including the Pentagon, the Russians beat the United States in space exploration.

The Ministry of Defense hired Clyde Tombaugh, scientists who discovered Pluto to find a mysterious object.

Dr. Lincoln La Paz and Clyde Tombaugh

The Black Knight was also included in the advertising campaign of Pepsi:

20 Facts about the satellite “The Black Knight”. Black knight wiki.

“Black Night” has been a hot topic for the media for more than half a century. This is actually one of the most closed space objects of all time. This artificial satellite attracted attention of the public throughout the world for decades and because at some point it was actually considered a Russian spy satellite.

Here are some interesting facts about the “Black Night”:

  1. The Black Knight satellite has been broadcasting radio signals for more than 50 years in accordance with monitoring agencies around the world.
  2. The United States and the Soviet Union are particularly interested in this “unidentified space object”.
  3. It is alleged that after the construction of a high-voltage radio receiver in Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla was the first person to “intercept” a signal from a black knight companion in 1899.
  4. Astronomers around the world are reporting strange radio signals supposedly originating from the “Black Knight” since the 1930s.
  5. In 1957, he was photographed by Dr. Luis Corralos of the Ministry of Communications of Venezuela, when he photographed Sputnik II as he passed through Caracas.
  6. The “Black Knight” first received coverage in the media in the 1940s, when the St. Louis Dispatcher and the San Francisco Inspector wrote about the Sputnik on May 14, 1954.
  7. March 7, 1960 Time magazine wrote about the satellite “Black Knight”.
  8. In 1957, an unknown “object”, which was in polar orbit, was noticed by the “shading” of the Sputnik-1 spacecraft.
  9. Neither the US nor Russia had the technology to support a space ship in polar orbit in 1957.
  10. The first polar orbiting satellite was launched in 1960.
  11. Polar orbits are often used to map the Earth, observe the Earth, capture the Earth over time from one point and reconnaissance satellites, which classifies the Black Knight as an observant Sputnik.
  12. In the 1960s, the “Black Knight” satellite again found itself in polar orbit. According to astronomers and scientists, the object weighed more than 10 tons, that is, it was the heaviest artificial satellite that orbited the Earth at that time.
  13. The Black Knight’s orbit was different from any other object orbiting the Earth.
  14. This mysterious “companion” was paid much attention to the aircraft-building corporation Grumman. On September 3, 1960, seven months after the satellite was first detected by the radar, the tracking camera at the Long Island plant of the Grummman Aircraft Corporation made a photograph of the “Black Knight” satellite.
  15. To determine the data obtained from observations, a committee was set up, created by the Grumman Aviation Corporation. However, none of the data was published.
  16. In 1963, Gordon Cooper was released into space. When he was in his last orbit, he reported that he saw a glowing green object in front of the capsule moving toward his spacecraft. This unidentified object was raised on a radar traveling east to west by the tracking station of Muchia, in Australia, about which Cooper had communicated the object.
  17. The radio operator allegedly decoded a series of signals received from the UFO satellite, which were interpreted as a stellar graph focused on the Epsilon Bootes star system.
  18. The decoded message showed that the “Black Knight” satellite originated from the star system Epsilon Bootes 13,000 years ago.
  19. August 23, 1954 in the journal Technology Week and Space Technology was published a story about the satellite “Black Knight”. The Pentagon was outraged by this and tried to keep the story under cover.
  20. NASA published official pictures showing the “Black Knight” satellite.


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