Advantages of papaya for health: Ayurvedic recommendations

Do you appreciate the fruit of papaya? Ayurveda recommends the fruits of papaya due to its various benefits. Papaya or “Papita”, as it is called locally, has the Sanskrit name “Erandkarkati”. The Latin name of papaya is Carica papaya. High fruit trees grow from 10 to 25 feet, which bear large oval fruits, green in a raw state and yellow when ripe. Raw papaya contains milk. With regard to medicinal purposes, fruits, milk, seeds, and also leaves begin to be consumed.
Papaya Properties
Papaya is light, intense and rough in nature and hot in potency. The taste is bitter and sharp, and the aftertaste is bitter. Chemically, fruits contain yellow resin resin, sugars, glycosides, acids mainly citric acid and a digestive enzyme called “Papain.” This enzyme has a unique property of digesting proteins and fats. Moreover, there are many vitamins, viz. Vitamin A, a complex of vitamin B and vitamin C. Some minerals, such as sodium and potassium, add the composition.
Papaya health benefits

  • Balancing of Dosh: Fruit of Papaya is the destroyer of Vata and Kapha (air and sputum of the body). This corresponds to the special properties that it supports. Moreover, in a mature state, papaya also fights with exacerbation in Pitta dosha or the humor of the body of fire.
  • Natural Tonic: Papaya is a natural source of a number of vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. You need to make it a regular supplement to your daily diet and feel the energy charge. Not only that, fruits can benefit by increasing blood pressure, as well as blood sugar levels. It is very suggestive for those who suffer from symptoms of fatigue, lack of energy and accidental loss of sleep.
  • Digestive Care: The papaya fruit contains some digestive enzymes that benefit from easy assimilation and assimilation of food. Not only do these enzymes stimulate the liver, but also cause a general improvement in digestion and, as a result, provide an increase in health and vitality.
  • Diuretic: The diet of papaya is recommended for diseases of the urinary tract, in which there is a decrease in the normal flow of urine.
  • For women: in case of excessive pain during menstruation or irregular or decreased flow during the cycle, papaya again comes into use. According to Ayurvedic texts, the powder obtained by firing seeds of the fetus should be taken with warm water at a dose of half to one gram. In addition, nursing mothers need to supplement the fruits in their daily diet. This can lead to better milk production.
  • Topical application: Milk from raw papaya is the owner of antibacterial and antitoxic properties. In case of tonsillitis, the same can be put on inflamed tonsils, like the throat of paint. For mouth and tongue ulcers, try applying milk to sores for relief.
  • Means for joint pain: papaya seeds and leaves are believed to be useful in reducing pain and swelling. In the case of joint pain, the leaves should be warmed and applied as a hot stimulation to the affected joints or the seeds can be ground and mixed into mustard oil for local massage.

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