A scientific study claims that caring for your grandchildren will help you prevent dementia

Do you think that being close to your grandparents is an important thing? For many families, grandparents are pillars of the community, because they provide vital help in the upbringing of their grandchildren.

Maybe the reason is that parents have a long working day, or they can not allocate enough time for their children. The fact is that, according to studies, this connection, which unites grandchildren with their grandparents, has proved its usefulness for the health of our spoiled elderly people.

Find out why it is so important that grandparents are close to their grandchildren.

According to a study conducted by the North American Society of Menopause, older people can prevent cognitive impairment and chronic illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease or senile dementia, if they take care of their children at home.

They collected this information from 186 Australian women aged 57-68 who did several visual acuity tests.

The best results were obtained by 120 women who claimed that they spent at least one day per week, caring for their grandchildren. It seems that this activity requires a certain physical exhaustion and sensitive requirements, which positively affects mental processes.

It is clear that in order to correctly use the benefits provided by grandparents, their impact on children should be moderate, given that if it exceeds the average, the results can be completely opposite.

This study showed that grandmothers who cared for their grandchildren 5 days a week or more, experienced more difficulties in performing tests, since physical exhaustion was evident.

According to Dr. Gass, executive director of the North American Society of Menopause:

Being a grandmother plays such an important role in our society, and it is so common among postmenopausal women that it became vital to learn all the consequences this can have for the health of women

The explanation for this study was as follows:

Children are a source of satisfaction for grandparents, given that they do not experience much of the stress caused by upbringing, like parents. They need to focus only on having fun and enjoying the lives of their grandchildren.

It releases endorphins, makes them feel useful and keeps their brains in good shape.

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