A cheap way to get rid of head lice, that doctors will not tell you

All parents know how lice can irritate. They are infectious and sometimes difficult to remove. Head lice are small, wingless insects in human hair and feed on blood sucking the shape of the head.

They usually occur in children in school, boys and girls, but girls are more prone to these parasites. Although they are not dangerous, one bite can cause itching, and the scalp becomes inflamed.

This can lead to irritation and infection. In the market there are many lice shampoos and similar products, which are usually ineffective and expensive. Sometimes they can cost more than $ 100. Many parents use different methods of treatment and comb their hair for hours and check their children’s hair, and at some point realize that everything is useless and are trying to find another way to finally get rid of these annoying parasites.

Fortunately, there is a healthier alternative that can help eliminate lice from your children’s hair.


  • Listerine mouthwash (you can use another brand).
  • Lice comb.
  • White vinegar.
  • A couple of towels.
  • Shower tray or plastic bags.


  • First, wash your baby’s head with a mouthwash to full humidity.
  • Wrap the hair with a plastic bag or cover it with a bathing cap. Let him sit for an hour at least.
  • Then gently remove the plastic bag with the lid for bathing.
  • Wash your child’s hair with vinegar and cover it again with a hat / bag for an additional hour.
  • Then remove the bag / hat and wash the child’s hair with a normal shampoo.
  • Then comb hair comb. Vinegar will help you remove louse eggs from the hair.

The strong scent of Listerine will keep them away. Lice do not tolerate the smell of mint, and so they go, you can add a little bit of listerine to the nebulizer and apply it to your child’s hair before you go to school. The whole procedure lasts a couple of hours.

However, this is a much better option than using commercial products against lice that are full of chemicals that get into the blood of the baby.

This treatment has several advantages over commercial products:

  • It’s great and without side effects
  • It provides long-term results (after treatment, lice are unlikely to appear again).
  • It’s cheap (it only costs a few dollars).
  • Only a couple of spritzes of the mixture are green / mint water will keep the lice away.
  • It provides full protection.
  • Hair at the child smooth and shining, with a pleasant smell.

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