9 Incredible health benefits from Cilantro (No. 1 – the most profitable property)

Cilantro has become popular recently and with good reason.

Also known as coriander, this herb is really good for your body and, apart from a pleasant aroma, is also very tasty. It is mainly used in salsa or guacamole, but you will also find it in recipes for everyday cooking. The best way to use it is fresh, and not just in the culinary world.

The Romans used cilantro to remove the smell of rotten meat, while the Greeks used it to make perfumes and essential oils. Besides being an ingredient for cooking, coriander is extremely healthy and brings benefits that you may not have known.

Read 9 advantages for the health of this plant and learn how to use it best:

  1. Cleanser for body with toxic metals

Cilantro is an amazing detoxifier that helps the body get rid of all the heavy metals that it has been exposed to.

These metals enter the body, consuming certain foods, such as inorganic foods, fish, uncontrolled sources of water, deodorants, smoking or passive smoking, the use of aluminum foil or aluminum kitchenware in the kitchen, vaccination, filling the teeth with metal and more-drugs like Antacids.

If the content of heavy metals in the body is increased, it can lead to serious health problems, including kidney disease, heart problems, emotional problems, brain deterioration, bone fragility, lung disease and ultimately cancer.

Cilantro contains compounds that absorb metals from muscle tissues and successfully eliminate them.

  1. Heals cardiovascular problems

All green plants have the ability to protect the cardiovascular system. It is known that coriander regulates cholesterol level by eliminating LDL (bad) cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol (good). This is possible because cilantro contains organic acids that optimally regulate cholesterol.

  1. Diseases Diabetes

Having the ability to control the level of cholesterol, cilantro simultaneously prevents diabetes. All you need is 100 grams of cilantro, which contains 521 milligrams of potassium. This content also limits sodium intake and reduces type 1 and 2 diabetes symptoms.

  1. Natural antioxidant

Of all the antioxidants found in cilantro, quercetin is the most potent. Being filled with antioxidants, coriander allows the body to fight free radicals and slow the aging process.

This later prevents the development of chronic diseases. In addition, as an antioxidant, cilantro helps reduce symptoms of heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration and others.

  1. Deals with anxiety

Coriander offers calming properties and plays the role of a natural relaxing and soothing means. When you feel stress, just take yourself coriander, and all problems with nerves will disappear. You can also add celery juice and cucumber and get the same effect.

  1. Promotes healthy sleep

If you are struggling with insomnia or other sleep disorders, cilantro can easily cope with them and help you to sleep without sleep all night.

  1. Reduces blood pressure

Hypertension can be easily dealt with using cilantro in everyday life. The key is to focus on the minimum supply of sodium and potassium – this will keep your blood pressure under control.

Only 100 grams of fresh cilantro leaves contain 521 milligrams of potassium and a total of 46 milligrams of sodium. Use it as fresh as a salad or juice.

  1. Antifungal and antibacterial properties

With these properties, cilantro easily cope with skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis. In addition, antibacterial properties increase overall health.

  1. Natural deodorant

Because it is full of chlorophyll, cilantro can be used as a natural deodorant. In addition, it is able to neutralize the kidneys, liver and digestive tract. In addition, it kills bacteria that accumulate when we sweat.

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