8 Toxic food additives are permitted in the US, but PROHIBITED in other countries

These harmful additives can be found in many products in most supermarket passes throughout the US that are these additives and where they can be found so that you can not buy and not consume them.

1. Artificial food coloring

It improves the appearance of food, but inhibits the development of nerve cells.

Found in: a variety of products such as cheese, cake mixes, sweets, sports drinks, pasta and cheese.

Why artificial dyes are dangerous? They are made of chemicals derived from oil – also used in the production of diesel fuel, gasoline, tar and asphalt. Artificial dyes were associated with damage to nerve cells, brain cancer and hyperactivity.

Prohibited in: United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, France and Austria.

2. Olestra (or Olean)

Reduces the number of calories, but leads to anal leakage and vitamin depletion.

Found in: French fries, corn chips and low-fat potato chips.

Why is Ollestra dangerous? Olestra is created as a substitute for culinary fat, but it does not allow your body to absorb vitamins. It can also cause bowel movement and seizures.

Banned in: Canada and the USA.

3. Brominated vegetable oil

Ensures that the food color remains in liquids, but can cause serious organ damage and birth defects.

Found in: salted citrus and sports drinks.

Why is BVO dangerous? Chemical bromine is used as a flame retardant, which means that it reduces flammability to prevent the spread of fire. Brominated vegetable oil is associated with birth defects, damage to the main organs, hearing loss, schizophrenia and growth problems.

It is forbidden in: in more than 100 countries.

4. Potassium bromate (or brominated flour)

Used as an improver for flour, but bad for the nervous system and kidneys.

Found in: rolls, wraps, bread crumbs, flat bread, crispy chips.

Why is potassium bromate dangerous? It is made from bromine, the same harmful chemical that is used to produce BWOs. It is used to reduce costs by reducing baking time, but the problem is that it is associated with cancer, kidney damage and damage to the nervous system.

Prohibited in: China, Canada and Europe.

5. Azodicarbonamide

In addition to the bleaching properties used for plastic and flour, it also causes asthma.

Found in: frozen dinners, bread, packaged baked goods, and boxed pasta mixes.

Why is azodicarbonamide dangerous? This chemical is used for bleaching foam (soles for slippers and yoga mats) and flour. However, it has also been found that this can cause asthma.

Prohibited in: in the UK, most European countries and Australia.

6. BHA & amp; BHT

These wax preservatives are associated with tumors and cancer.

Found in: nut mixtures, cereals, chewing gum, meat, butter, dehydrated potatoes.

Why BHA & amp; BHT is dangerous? They prevent the ingestion of food, but studies in rats have proven that they cause cancer.

It is forbidden in: in many European countries, in Japan and in the USA.

7. Synthetic growth hormones rBST and rBGH

It is proved that it is dangerous for cows, but it is also found that increases the risk of tumors in humans.

Found in: Dairy products, milk.

Why are rBST and rBGH dangerous? They can cause weakening of muscle growth, infertility and many cancers in humans and cows.

Prohibited in: EU, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Canada.

8. Arsenic

If you ingest enough arsenic, it can slowly kill you.

Found in: poultry

Why arsenic is dangerous? This poison is used in chicken feeding to improve the appearance of the meat, making it more fresh and rosier.

Prohibited in: EU.

If you know of any other harmful additives that you are trying to avoid, do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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