8 Reasons Never to Throw Fruit and Vegetarian Waste Time and Time Again

Vegetables and fruit peels constitute the highest percentage of waste in bins used for kitchen garbage. Many people are not yet familiar with the proper means of recycling and re-use of peeling. Many peelings are useful for household sanitary purposes. Here is a list of some uses of fruits and vegetables:

1. A source of useful phytochemicals
Many edible crusts are used to fight cancer and other degenerative diseases, since most nutrients and useful compounds in fruits or vegetables are contained in the skin. In the skin of Apple, many phytochemicals and other valuable substances.

2. Skin Care and Cleaning
Peeling is great for whitening, cleaning and cleaning the skin. Lemon peel, papaya peel, apple peel, banana peel and pomegranate peel can be made into body scrubs and facial masks that provide a natural luminous effect on the skin. The fleshy part of the peel of avocado can be wiped on the face as a rich moisturizer. Grapefruit peels can also be rubbed on the face, avoiding the eyes, as a tonic for the skin.

3. Smell-free home
Peelings are used to maintain the cleanliness and odor of the house without using any chemicals. Citrus fruits are effective in reducing odor, because they have antimicrobial properties that help control the growth of bacteria that cause an unpleasant smell.

4. Prevention of sugar binding
Orange peel, if placed in a container containing brown or white sugar, can keep sugar from lumps. Orange peels are also used as repellents for insects, rubbing them on the skin. Cucumbers contain alkaloids, which act as a repellent to insects.

5. Sparkle in table silver
Potato peel, when soaked in a container of cold water for several hours, can significantly help restore the gloss of cutlery and silver. Calamansi also contains citric acid, which helps in removing rust from silver. To filter the water use tomatoes and apple peel. Toxins, which are contained in tap water, usually stick to peeling, because they absorb strongly.

6. Vegetable growing
Peeling of carrots, potatoes, onions and carrots can be put in a pot of boiling water with herbs to create a vegetable broth. The liquid can then be used to make soup or to add to the risotto. Peeling from carrots, potatoes and parsnips can be turned into fritters, changing the grated vegetable to the skin.

7. Filling for cakes
Lemons, oranges and most citrus fruits can make stimulating fillers for cakes and other bakery products. Citrus crusts can be added to the potatoes during frying to obtain a refreshing taste. Potatoes and apple peel can be turned into a crispy and tasty snack, immersing it in butter, and then for a short time put in the oven.

8. The dye
Garnet peels are effective when they are used for dyeing fabrics. Grapefruits can be used to make a twist or twist. After the beans are recycled from fresh vanilla, a pod is added to make sugar saturated with vanilla.

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