7 warning signs to know that you are eating too much sugar

Consuming sugar outside is very dangerous for your health. Do not deny that you consume it. All these donuts, sweets and sweet syrups make you gain weight and destroy your health.

These are symptoms that show that you consume too much sugar and risk getting a diabetes:

  • Fatigue and fatigue – even though the sugar provides a sudden burst of energy, it is temporary. After that, an awesome push follows;
  • Sugar cravings – you probably depend on sugar, if you feel a thirst for sweet taste. Recognize this before, to save your health and body from deep dependence;
  • Frequent colds and flu are an alarm if you often get sick. The immune system is gradually weakened by consuming too much sugar;
  • Foggy brain – if your brain is mist after eating, this means that you are high in sugar. Your blood sugar level rises and falls quickly, causing cognitive problems and disturbances;
  • Sweet taste faded – if nothing is as sweet as you used to, sugar has more killed your taste buds, causing increased tolerance to sugar. This causes your body to demand more and more sugar to satisfy your carved figures;
  • Skin and leg problems – inflammation can occur on your skin due to high sugar intake. This may be due to eczema, rosacea, acne or excessive oilyness or dryness.
  • Positive weight – excess calories are consumed with an excess of sugar. It does not satiate your hunger, because if there is a lack of protein and fiber, so you eat more foods and accumulate more calories, which leads to diabetes eventually.

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