7 Reasons Why Dogs Lick People

The most loving mark in the house of any animal lover is found by their dog, the second is entered. Most often, even if other residents of your home have a simple, “Hello” or “How was your day?” “To save money when they are not busy with their own business, nothing compares to a warm and loving reception from your dog.” With their nervous sniffing, classic tail sweeping, leaping at you and licking you, they do not stop and do not hold back, How much they did not miss you or are glad to see you at home.

Trying to cater and lick you with love until you are covered in drool, have you ever wondered why dogs lick people? Well, one guess is that this is their way of showing love, because they can not talk, but do you know that a wet gesture can be an attempt to convey other things?

So, here are 7 possible reasons and meanings behind licking your loving little dog.

1. Showing affection

As the most obvious reason, licking is the way a dog expresses its love for us. Dogs are known to be naturally affectionate animals and have many different ways to show us their love. When dogs lick us, their brain secretes endorphins, which calms them and soothes them. It can be compared to the same feeling and sense of security that a child feels when they want their parents to hug or kiss them. Love and affection are the main motivation to lick, so it is listed as the reason number 1. So, let’s move on to less obvious reasons.

2. Communication

Communication is often associated with verbality, sound, or some obvious forms of body language, for example, when dogs wag their tails. Similarly, it makes us think that barking dogs means they are trying to say something or to warn us about something. However, licking and few other less stereotyped gestures can also be forms of communication. They can try to tell us that they want something from us, for example, food, water or walks. In some cases, they can try to cheer us up, as when we are sick or sad. Or, you know, you had food on your face, and they saw an opportunity to lick it. Who knows? Whatever it is, we must learn to understand what the behavior of our furry friends means.

3. Seeking attention

Dogs are forced to love and be loved, too. That’s why they always crave your attention and are doing everything possible to get it. This is similar to how children perform their many crazy antics in order to attract attention and be noticed. Similarly, dogs barked, waved their tails, rubbed themselves on us, jumped on us and even planted their slovenly wet kisses, licking us. This is done even more when you pay attention to something more than they. Therefore, when they feel forgotten or less loved, they know that this is the only thing they have to do. When they do, show them their love by stroking them, rubbing their bellies, giving them a treat, and showing them how much you love them too. You know that they deserve this from you more than anyone else!

4. Pokorny gesture

As with all animals that live in packages or are socially manageable, licking can also be viewed as a subordinate gesture with respect to the dominant members of the package. This gesture shows you that you have obedience, respect, and that they directly report their subordination to remind you that you are the leader of your package. When dogs lick us, it’s their way of telling us that we are the boss and they can do this with other family members or even with other people who deserve their love and respect.

5. Research technology

Dogs are natural hunters that go back to their ancestors-dog genes. Surviving in the wild, they used the superb sense of their noses and languages ​​to explore places, identify people, discover or know different objects, whether alive or inanimate. Just as we are connected and recognize the sensations of the world around us through our feelings, just as dogs use their sense of taste to distinguish and recognize the different things around them and us. Whether it’s a skunk running in the backyard, a new garden gnome you just got, or even a meatball that you did not need to keep in your hands. Oops …

6. Tasting

Just like dogs identify us and others with their distinctive odor, they can also clearly recognize us to taste. Many times licking us, they can recognize and remember who we are on the basis of the salts released from the pores of our skin when we sweat. Once they lick and register these taste markers for different people in their minds, they can pinpoint who we are, restore their memories and begin to like our taste until it becomes a habit.

7. The habit

If the habit of licking a person is encouraged, the dog assumes that the person enjoys this experience. Thus, this operational conditioning causes the dog to repeat the act of licking again and again, not only to you, but to others as well, until you are told otherwise. On the other hand, if a person discourages the dog from licking, the dog begins to realize that she does not like it, and soon this licking stops. However, this does not mean that they can stop doing it to other people. By that time, they can understand who likes to lick their habits and who does not.

The reasons why dogs can lick us, there may be all, some, no or more reasons than those listed above. So, here is an indescribable story related to pouring your dog, whether you like it, just take it, because you so love your dog or do not like it at all.

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